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Recognition (Nature, PID)        L140012

Earth, the third planet from the Sun. A place that we call "Home"

Since this is our only home, it is paramount that we do our bit to help care for it. Taking care of the Earth, rather caring for Earth means taking care of all of Earth's living and non-living beings. It may seem that taking care of the Earth is a very big deal, but it is quite easy actually. If everyone does his bit sincerely, Care for Earth is not such a colossal job.

Taking care of our Earth is no longer an option – it is a necessity. At times the challenge feels so overwhelmingly complicated that we give up before we even get started.
Maybe you were active in earth-friendly activities in the past but didn't feel your efforts were making a difference and you've abandoned them – or perhaps you just aren't as conscientious as you once were.
Taking responsibility for our actions is becoming more and more crucial. And with each of us making the commitment to start with small steps, together we can make a huge difference.

Make your voice heard about taking "Care for Earth". Ensure that we do not destroy our home and other stuff we need to survive. Tell your story about your care for Earth, and what we need to care about, using your camera as pen and the "Care for Earth" International Salon as the paper.